Ziel der Weiße Rose Stiftung e.V. ist es, im In- und Ausland die Erinnerung an den Widerstand der Weißen Rose wach zu halten sowie Toleranz und demokratisches Bewusstsein zu stärken.
Weiße Rose Stiftung e.V.

Exhibition “The White Rose”

“Leaflets of the White Rose” is what fellow students Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell name their first four papers, a call for passive resistance and the immediate termination of the war, self published and distributed during the summer of 1942 in Munich. In mid January 1943 the fifth leaflet “Appeal to all Germans!” is being spread across several German cities. Just one month later Hans and Sophie Scholl are arrested while placing the sixth leaflet inside the University of Munich. Seven core members (Willi Graf, Prof. Kurt Huber, Hans Leipelt, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Hans and Sophie Scholl) are executed, others receive long term prison sentences.
Information about the White Rose resistance group (PDF, 236 kByte)


Travelling exhibition

Our exhibition “White Rose. The student resistance against Hitler, Munich 1942/43” picturing the individuals of the White Rose, their path to resistance, actions and persecution by the Nazi regime, is available across the US. Please contact the office in Munich for further information (ausstellung (at) weisse-rose-stiftung.de).

Audio Guides in English are offered free of charge! MP3 download

Our travelling exhibition is also available in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish. Contact: ausstellung (at) weisse-rose-stiftung.de

The White Rose Foundation

In April 1985 members of the American Jewish Congress reach out to White Rose survivors in Munich in connection to the controversial WWII memorial ceremony initiated by then US President Reagan and German chancellor Kohl at Bitburg cemetery. On February 23rd 1987 the White Rose Foundation is inaugurated on Capitol Hill, Washington. Among the many US trustees are the current President elect of the United States Joseph R. Biden, the Honorables Arthur F. Burns and Robert Dole. On October 12th 1987, the Weiße Rose Stiftung e. V. is founded in Munich, Germany.
Getting in touch with young people and students in order to maintain the legacy of the White Rose is our goal. Reminding today’s youth of the importance to fight for human rights as well as pointing out the courage of the White Rose members to stand up against an omnipresent and brutal dictatorship, the White Rose Foundation not only poses the question “What was it like?”, but “What does it mean today?”. The activities include the development and realization of exhibitions, public events and school projects.