Weiße Rose Stiftung e.V.

The Bodies of the White Rose Foundation


Dr. Hildegard Kronawitter, 1. Chairperson (honorary management)
Markus Schmorell, 2. Chairperson
Dr. Werner Rechmann, 3. Chairperson, Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber und Dr. Marianne Ott-Meimberg, Assessors

The Foundation is supported by cities and communities relevant to the life and resistance activities of the White Rose. These cities are Berlin, Freiburg, Gräfelfing, Hamburg, Munich, Saarbrücken, and Ulm.

The projects of the White Rose Foundation are financed through co-operations, public funding, and donations. Our most important partners are the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture and the community of White Rose cities.

The White Rose Foundation hosts its permanent exhibition, the ‘DenkStätte Weiße Rose’, in Munich as well as several travelling exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

The Founding Members of the Association

Inge Aicher-Scholl, Heiner Guter, Anneliese Knoop-Graf, Dr. Marie-Luise Schultze-Jahn, Franz Josef Müller, Dr. Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, Dr. Heinz Bollinger


The association has 29 members. They are proposed by the board and, with their membership, accept to take on statutory responsibility for the White Rose Foundation membership association.

Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Rachel Salamander

Joachim Baez, Angela Bottin, Dr. Klaus Hahnzog (Chairperson), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber, President Dr. Charlotte Knobloch, Federal Minister (retd) Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, Prof. Dr. Heribert Prantl, Dr. Rachel Salamander, Prof. Dr. h.c.mult. Klaus G. Saur, Dr. Christof Schmid, State Minister Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, Alexander Stuwe, Prof. Dr. Margit Szöllösi-Janze, State Prime Minister (retd) Erwin Teufel, Mayor (retd) Christian Ude, Prof. Dr. Michael Verhoeven, Federal Minister (retd) Hans-Jochen Vogel, Winfrid Vogel, Dr. Beatrice von Weizsäcker

Circle of Friends and Patrons

About 300 persons and institutions offer material and non-material support to the work of the White Rose Foundation.