Ziel der Weiße Rose Stiftung e.V. ist es, im In- und Ausland die Erinnerung an den Widerstand der Weißen Rose wach zu halten sowie Toleranz und demokratisches Bewusstsein zu stärken.
Weiße Rose Stiftung e.V.

V. Leaflet of the White Rose

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Leaflets of the Resistance Movement in Germany

Appeal to all Germans!

The war is approaching its certain death. As in the year 1918, the German government is trying to focus attention exclusively on the growing threat of submarine warfare, while in the East the armies are constantly in retreat and invasion is expected in the West. Mobilization in the United States has not yet reached its climax, but it already exceeds anything that the world has ever seen. It has become a mathematical certainty that Hitler is leading the German people into the abyss. Hitler cannot win the war; he can only prolong it. The guilt of Hitler and his accomplices goes beyond all measure. Just retribution comes closer and closer.

But what is the German people doing? It will not see and will not hear. Blindly it follows its seducers into its own ruin. Victory at any price! is inscribed on their banner. “I will fight to the last man,” says Hitler – but in the meantime the war has already been lost.

Germans! Do you and your children want to suffer the same fate that befell the Jews? Do you want to be judged by the same standards as your seducers? Are we to be a nation which is hated and rejected by all mankind forever? No! Therefore, dissociate yourselves from National Socialist subhumanism! Prove by your deeds that you think otherwise. A new war of liberation is about to begin. The better part of the nation will fight on our side. Tear up the cloak of indifference you have wrapped around your hearts. Make your decision before it is too late!

Do not believe the National Socialist propaganda which has driven the fear of Bolshevism into your very bones. Do not believe that Germany’s welfare is linked to the victory of National Socialism for better or worse. A criminal regime cannot achieve a German victory. Separate in time from everything connected with National Socialism. In the aftermath a terrible but righteous judgment will be meted out to those who stayed in hiding, who were cowardly and hesitant.

What can we learn from the outcome of this war – this war that never was a national one?

The imperialist ideology of force, from whatever side it may come, must be shattered for all time. A one-sided Prussian militarism must never again be allowed to assume power. Only in large-scale cooperation among the nations of Europe can the ground be prepared for reconstruction. Every centralized hegemony, such as the Prussian state has tried to exercise in Germany and in Europe, must be cut down at its inception. The Germany of the future can only be a federal state. At this juncture only a sound federal system can imbue a weakened Europe with new life. The workers must be liberated from their condition of downtrodden slavery under National Socialism through a rational socialism. The illusory structure of autonomous national industry must disappear from Europe. Every nation, every man has a right to the treasures of the world!

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the protection of individual citizens from the arbitrary will of criminal regimes of violence – these will be the bases of the New Europe.

Support the resistance. Distribute the leaflets!

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